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Welcome to Parenting Paws! Positive Training for People and Pets.

Expecting a baby and unsure how to prepare your dog and manage your dog around your newborn?

Want help planning your newborn babies homecoming with your dog?

Looking to encourage appropriate dog interactions with your toddler?

If you answer yes to any of these then I can help. As a service dog trainer and Licensed Family Paws Parent Educator, I am perfectly placed to help you with integrating your dog or puppy with your family and problem solving any common behavioural problems with your family dog. I specialise in helping expecting families prepare their dog for the changes to come with the Dogs & Storks Workshop, family fundamentals course or via 1:1 sessions in your home.

As the only Karen Pryor Academy Certified Training Partner in the area, I am able to offer a unique training experience focused on marker based positive reinforcement or what is more commonly referred to as 'clicker training'. Watch the short video to find out more about Karen and her pioneering work in the field of animal training.