I specialise in helping families who are having difficulties managing households where there are both dogs and young children. Common issues may include:

-Jumping up at children
-Playing too rough
-growling or 'snapping' at children
-feeling unable to meet the needs of your dog due to a lack of time and considering re-homing 
-dogs barking or unhappy to be separated from you
-fear of walking with a pram
-poor recall

And many more. 

For expecting or new parents, I can also offer the Dogs & Storks program or Dogs & Toddlers Program on a 1:1 basis in your home. The benefit of this as a 1:1 is that we can include some practical work as needed tailored to your dog and family set up.

Behaviour issues can arise due to a physical health issue, we would therefore recommend that your dog gets the all clear from your vet before embarking on any behavioural work.

Please contact us for further advice and prices