Has your baby started to walk? 

Babies grow and Dogs Age, we must adjust with every stage (Family Paws)

Your baby being on the move brings a whole new set of challenges for your dog. Toddlers are a high risk group for dog bites and it is most often by a dog belonging to a family member or friend. This workshop helps guardians think about what they need to consider to build a great relationship between the dog and toddler whilst keeping both safe from harm. We will cover:

How babies and toddlers differ for your dog
Dog Communication
Impulsive Re-homing
Invites decrease bites
Grumble/growl zones
And much more.

This workshop is not only great for parents but an excellent way of other caregivers such as grandparents or childcare professionals getting a good grasp of how to help prevent bites. The Dogs and Toddlers workshop is also a great CPD opportunity for Health Visitors or Social Services Staff who may encounter families who have dogs and may need safety advice. I can also offer Dogs & Toddlers as  a 1:1 consultation if you require more specific advice.

For more information or to register your interest email info@doggiebusiness.co.uk