Fundamental skills (for dog and handler) are the foundation for successful life long learning for your dog. If the foundations of any trained behaviour are weak, you will find that your behaviour 'breaks down' in the real world and it is therefore of little use to you. This course is for dogs over 5 months to develop strong foundations in the behaviours needed for the family dog to be a fantastic companion. All the basic skills are covered including;

- Responding to name
- Polite Walking
- Recall
- Settling
- Sit
- Down
- Recall
- Food Manners
- Leaving food on the floor
- Stay/Wait

For the human end of the leash there are some great skills to learn too, which will give you the skill and knowledge to train new behaviours all on your own! Owners will learn:
- How to use reinforcement
- Clicker mechanics
- How to use shaping and capturing
- How to teach and use targeting behaviours

The Class is run in a modular format with weekly topics including;
- Orientation
- Attention & focus
- Teamwork
- Public Appearances
- Communicating with your dog
- Teaching Self-control

 Classes are kept small to allow this flexibility.

This course is suitable for anyone looking to build more solid foundation behaviours with their dog or people looking to learn more about clicker training or improve their clicker training skills.