The Puppy Start Right Preschool Course follows the Karen Pryor Academy Curriculum for puppies aged between 8 - 16 weeks. Puppies must have had their first set of vaccinations at least 1 week (7 days) prior to starting class. Classes not only focus on basic obedience skills but on the everyday life skills and socialisation your puppy will need to learn to exist happily in the human world and family home. As a Licensed Family Paws Parent Educator I also include in the sessions tips on how to keep babies and young children safe around your dog and how to help them foster a great relationship.

The first class is a human only orientation class to explore how dogs learn, acquire some skills you will need to help them learn and get familiar with the setting and what to expect from the classes. Coming to a new place with new people can be anxiety provoking for you and your puppy. An opportunity to come on your own first and get to know others in the group and where everything is can also really help minimise anxiety for your pup on their first class too, which helps them to get off to the right start with their training experiences.

During the following 5 weeks we work within themes including;
- health and handling
- obstacles and sounds
- costumes and appearences
- wheels and children's toys
- and finally achievements and awards ( a fun games session to show off what you have learned and prizes to be won).

A kindle version of the book ‘Puppy Start Right: Foundation Training for the Companion Dog’ by Kenneth Martin & Debbie Martin is included in the package and incorporates all of the skills covered on the course. The Kindle version can be viewed on any device including a laptop/Macbook where an audio version (similar to Audible) can be selected. Weekly handout materials and a clicker for use in sessions are also provided.

Classes are kept small to a maximum of 6 puppies to ensure you get individual attention and training tailored to the needs of your dog.
Course Costs £70 for 6 weeks with the e-book included.