What is Clicker Training?

Clicker training is an animal training methodology that uses the principles of behavioural psychology.

The trainer uses a unique sound, most often a click from a small hand held box but it the trainer is unable to use a clicker then it could be a specific word or whistle. After the animal hears the sound it is given a reward. With dogs, rewards are usually a small treat or a short play with a toy. This makes the animal more likely to offer the behaviour again.

Once the animal knows what behaviour we want we can put a word to it so that we can ask them to do it in future.

Does this mean I will always have to carry a clicker and treats?

No. Once a behaviour has been learned you no longer need to use a clicker and we can replace treats with praise and/or petting

What are the benefits of Clicker Training compared to other methods?

Clicker training helps to improve the bond between you and your dog as it provides the dog with choices and allows them to learn at their own pace (which is typically very quickly!).

It encourages dogs to use their problem solving skills and they enjoy coming up with more and more ways to 'make you click'. This creates very engaged and enthusiastic learners!